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I am a physiotherapist with an extensive background in sports conditioning and dance technique.

I grew up learning how to develop athletics skills to improve my artistic performance. Also, I realise how important it is to care for the human body to improve both the physical and mental health. Physiotherapy expands one's range of movement and helps to to improve mobility in a diverse group of people. 

The fascination to help people in injury rehabilitation motivates me daily to keep working and my goal is to continue to motivate and educate people who want and need this help.

Because I have also experienced sports injury in my past, mainly during my dancing years, I am more empathetic and understanding towards my clients. I know that physiotherapy plays a key part in recovery because I have experienced this myself over the years. 

  • B.P.T. (Bachelor Of Physiotherapy)- Rosario University Colombia.   

This Physiotherapy program degree (five years duration). 

 knowledge on spine, muscular and neurologic disorders, heart and cardiac rehabilitation, ergonomic and sports training. 

Physiotherapy program degree (1 year duration). 

 Knowledge on: ( spine, muscular and neurologic disorders, heart and cardiac sports training).

  • M.P.T. (Master Of Sports Science)- Rosario University Colombia. 


International physiotherapy congress at Bogota Colombia 2019.

I participated as a guest speaker.

Teme: Dance technic can be a Sussex complete tool in the rehabilitation process.


Alexandra is a Colombian-born Dance Teacher and physiotherapist, who uses her tough, yet nurturing, teaching tactics to drive her students forward in their life and careers. Keep an eye out for her dog, Loki, who also plays an important role!


LOKI, is a cute and calm dog who can give you company during the therapy sessions. She can stay by your side  if you are in pain  and reduce the stress levels if you like her company.

Loki is approx. 3 years old and is a rescue dog from Romania.  She also has had her own process to trust in humans again!

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